Studio Albums

Hybrid Theory:
(2000)Hybrid Theory with Special Edition Bonus Tracks

(2003)Meteora (Deluxe Edition)

Minutes To Midnight:
(2007) Minutes To Midnight (Edited Version)
(2007)Asian Digital Download Tour Edition
(2007)Best Buy Edition
(2007)European Digital Download Tour Edition
(2007)Japan Edition
(2007)Minutes To Midnight
(2007)Minutes To Midnight - Tour Edition
(2007)Wal-Mart Exclusive Edition

A Thousand Suns:
(2010)A Thousand Suns
(2010)A Thousand Suns (Edited Version)
(2010)A Thousand Suns (Japan Edition)

Living Things:
(2012)Living Things

2014 -The Hunting Party

Remix Albums

(2004)Collision Course (With Jay-Z)
(2004)Collision Course (With Jay-Z) (Edited Version)

Live Albums

(2003)Live in Texas
(2008)Road To Revolution {Live At Milton Keynes}
(2011)A Thousand Suns Plus {Live In Madrid}

Extended Plays

(1999)Hybrid Theory EP
(2002)In The End Live & Rare
(2002)Underground 2.0
(2003)Underground 3.0
(2004)Underground 4.0
(2005)Underground 5.0
(2006)Underground 6.0
(2007)Underground 7.0
(2008)Songs from the Underground
(2008)Underground 8.0 (MMM...COOKIES Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America!)
(2009)Underground 9.0 (Demos)
(2009)Underground 9.0 (Demos) Acetate Disc
(2010)8 bit Rebellion
(2010)A Decade Underground
(2010)Underground 10
(2011)A Thousand Suns Puerta De Alcalá
(2011)iTunes Festival London
(2011)North American Tour EP
(2011)Underground 11
(2012)Underground 12


{01} (2000)One Step Closer
{02} (2001)Crawling
{03} (2001)Papercut
{04} (2001) In The End
{05} (2002)PTS.OF.ATHRTY
{06} (2003)Somewhere I Belong
{07} {2003}Faint
{08} (2003)Numb
{09} (2003)From the Inside
{10} (2004)Breaking the Habit
{11} (2004)Numb Encore
{12} (2007)What I've Done
{13} (2007)Bleed It Out
{14} (2007)Shadow Of The Day
{15} (2008)Given Up
{16} (2008)Leave Out All The Rest
{17} (2008)We Made It (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
{18} (2009)New Divide
{19} (2010)The Catalyst
{20} (2010)Waiting for the End
{21} (2011)Burning In The Skies
{22} (2011)Iridescent
{23} (2012)Burn It Down
{24} {2012)Lost in the Echo
{25} (2013)Castle of Glass

Unreleased, Demos & More Stuff

(1999)8-track Demo CD
(1999)Hybrid Theory (2-Track Demo)
(2000)Hybrid Theory (Unmastered Studio Finals 5-7-00)
(2000)Hybrid Theory Demos
(2002)ENTH E ND_FRGT10 (PRO-CDR-101006)
(2010)Download to Donate for Haiti {Single}
(2010)Download to Donate for Haiti V2.0 {Singles}
(2010)The Wicked World Of Warner Bros./Reprise Ozzfest Sampler {Single}
(2011)Download to Donate Tsunami Relief {Single}


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