Ministry - Full Length Discography (1982-2014) (Size: 5.43 GB)
02.Live Albums
1990.In case you didn't feel like showing up
1995.Just another fix
2009.Adios... Puta madres
2013.Enjoy the quiet - live at Wacken 2012
2014.Last Tangle In Paris - Live 2012 (3CD Digipak Edition)
03.EP's & Singles
1982.Cold life (12'' single) [1985 reissue] (VBR V0)
1983.I wanted to tell her (12'' single)
1983.Revenge (you did it again) (12'' single) (VBR V0)
1983.Work for love (12'' single)
1985.All day - Everyday (is Halloween) (12'' single) (VBR V0)
1985.Halloween (remix) - Nature of outtakes (12'' single)
1985.Over the shoulder (12'' single) (VBR V0)
1985.The nature of love (12'' single)
1988.Stigmata (12'' single)
1989.Burning inside (12'' single) (VBR V0)
1991. Jesus built my hotrod (12'' single)
1991.Jesus built my hotrod (CDS)
1992.Just one fix (CDS)
1992.Mix it yourself (2x12'' single) (192 kbps)
1992.N.W.O. (CDS)
1995.The fall - Reload (CDS)
1996.Bad blood (CDS)
1996.Lay lady lay (CDS)
2001.What about us (CDS)
2003.Piss (CDS) (192 kbps)
2007.The missing EP (12'' EP) (VBR V2)
2008.Keys to the city (Web single w. Co-Conspirators) (224 kbps)
2010.Bloodlines (remix) (Web single) (192 kbps)
2010.Every day is halloween (The remixes) (Web EP) (VBR V0)
2012.Double tap (Web single) (256 kbps)
2013.PermaWar (Web single) (VBR V0)
04.Compilations & Remixes
1985.Twelve inch singles (1981-1984)
2001.Greatest fits
2004.Early trax
2004.Side trax
2007.Rio Grande dub (ya)
2008.Cover up (w. Co-Conspirators, 1000 Homo DJs)
2009.The last dubber
2010.Every day is Halloween (Greatest tricks)
2010.Mixxxes of the molé
2010.Undercover (w. Co-Conspirators)
2012.The very best of fixes & remixes


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